Solution for

Hunting Traps


Meet Solo-Sam

The hunting trap monitoring device you will actually love. Designed and developed in close cooperation with hunters.



Check your traps in person, only when an animal is caught. With our devices you can save fuel and personal costs big time. Your investment can return already after 2 months of usage. 



Less fuel consumed, less miles done, less exhaust fumes in the forests.



Animals do not like being trapped but trapping is necessary for wildlife control. Minimize the time animals spend in your trap with getting instantaneous notification when they get in.


Easy Handling

No need to insert SIM card or batteries, works out of the box. Actually, you never even have to open its case, as it supports wireless charging. The battery lasts for more than 6 months with a single charge. Charge only once before the trapping season starts.

Mount it on your trap within minutes. Just attach its string with the magnet figure on it to your trap and you are good to go.

You will receive an email or SMS notification in case you need to visit a trap. You can also check your traps on our virtual map or in your favourite wildlife management app.



„Rain or snow, our device lets you know” – Accurate trap status throughout the whole year even in the most extreme weather conditions. 

Our devices find and use the strongest available mobile network, beating your phone’s coverage by miles. Still not convinced? Try it out and if you really don’t have coverage, we take it back for free. Also hang on, as our next device generation, Hand-Sam, will work in areas with no coverage at all.

Works reliably even underground. You can dig it with your trap if you have to, it will still notify you.

Interested? Contact Us!

Our devices will be available in Europe at an outstanding market price of 70 Euro from October 2023. For an even better deal we accept pre-orders already with 20% off until 30.04.2023. Do not hesitate to contact us via email or facebook!

We are open to cooperation with wildlife management platforms and apps. If you host one of them, contact us!

As an early stage startup, we are constantly seeking for investors and business opportunities. Feel free to reach out, if interested!


Our Team

We are a group of young and passionate professionals with 40+ years of experience in academia and industry.  Our goal is to develop highly efficient and reliable monitoring systems to boost agricultural digitalization globally using modern technologies.


László Olajos

Industrial Designer MSc


Gergő Somos

Electrical Engineer MSc

Balázs Somos

Mechatronics Engineer MSc

Márton Búr

Software Engineer PhD